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Meet Your Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Hot Air Balloon Pilot - Gordon BoringGordon Boring has been a hot air balloon pilot and the president of Wicker Basket Balloon Center since 1976, when hot air ballooning became a new sport in Michigan. Since then, he has accumulated over 2500 hours of Lighter Than Air (LTA) flight time and has enjoyed many amazing flights over Michigan and around the world.

In addition to piloting hot air balloons, Gordon is also a FAA certified flight instructor and has trained many of the hot air balloon pilots in southeastern Michigan. Wicker Basket Balloon Center has supported other hot air balloon pilots with its FAA certified repair station and FireFly balloon dealership, since 1978.

Gordon has additional pilot experience in flying Gas Balloons where he has competed in several America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Races launching from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico, and has flown in four Gordon Bennett gas balloon competitions. He also participated in Phoenix’s Thunderbird Balloon and Air Classic, Gordon Bennett Palm Spring’s Gas Race, Colorado Balloon Classic. Some of his most memorable gas flights include several flights over the Rocky and San Juan mountain ranges, three flights over the Austrian Alps, landing on Pike’s Peak at the Colorado Springs race, and landing on a military bombing range from the Las Vegas Tropicana race.

Gordon has participated in many Michigan hot air balloon events including Howell’s Michigan Challenge Balloonfest, Battle Creek’s Field of Flight, Jackson’s Hot Air Jubilee, and for eight consecutive years he ran the Plymouth Hot Air Balloon Festival from 1981-1988. He has also traveled with his balloon to fly in several out of state balloon festivals including Indianola Hot Air balloon Festival, and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Some of his more memorable hot-air balloon flights include several flights over Niagara Falls, landing on belle Isle after a flying over downtown Detroit, and thousands of flights over the rolling hills and lakes of Michigan where he enjoys introducing people to the sport and adventure in hot air ballooning.


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